Macri Park Is Back!

by Devó monique, contributor

Dèvo Monique performing at Marci Park
Dèvo Monique performing at Marci Park.

Brooklyn’s vibrant drag culture is set to make a triumphant return to Macri Park, a popular bar and performance venue in the Williamsburg neighborhood. After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this legendary venue is once again opening its doors to drag performers and fans alike.

For many years, Macri Park has been a hub of queer nightlife in Brooklyn, known for its inclusive atmosphere and diverse array of performers. The bar has hosted drag shows, burlesque performances, and other LGBTQ+ events that have drawn crowds across the city.

The return of drag to Macri Park is particularly significant given the challenges the drag community has faced over the past year. Drag performers rely heavily on live performances for their income, and the pandemic forced many bars and venues to close their doors, leaving many performers without work.

But as the city reopens, there is renewed hope for Brooklyn’s drag scene. Macri Park is one of several bars and venues that are once again hosting drag shows and other LGBTQ+ events, providing a much-needed boost for the local community.

In addition to supporting local performers, the return of drag to Macri Park also celebrates the art form itself. Drag has a long and rich history in queer culture and has played an essential role in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility. This Brooklyn hot spot is helping to keep this important tradition alive by providing a space for drag performers to showcase their talents.

Of course, the return of drag to Macri Park also comes with the spirit of community and celebration that has always been at the heart of Brooklyn’s drag scene remains as strong as ever. Brooklyn Legends have come in with some fresh ideas and amazing performances! The likes of Merrie Cherry, Victoria Holiday, “Dragula” star Pinche, Dèvo Monique, and many more!

In the end, the return of drag to Macri Park is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the drag community, as well as the enduring power of queer culture in Brooklyn and beyond. Whether you’re a longtime fan of drag or just looking to experience something new, Macri Park is sure to be a must-visit destination for anyone who loves live performances and LGBTQ+ culture.