Fan Favorite: Sutton Lee Seymour

by Catherine Fischberg, contributor

Catherine and Sutton

I fell in love with Sutton Lee Seymour before I even met her. I saw an ad for her show at the Laurie Beechman Theater and as a major fan of Little Shop of Horrors, I thought her name was just the best. This was before I moved to NYC but I knew in that moment that my next trip into the city was going to be to see her.

Seeing Sutton

I remember the day clearly. It was July 15, 2016, a very hot and humid NYC day. I sat as close to the stage as I could and I was absolutely transfixed for the entirety of her show. Sutton’s rendition of Chicago in 5 Minutes in which she switched between Roxie and Velma was hilarious but also a masterclass in musical theater. She is amazingly talented with a terrific voice and also so delightfully campy. I was hooked instantly. I was pretty new as a drag fan so I was still figuring out what I like in terms of drag performances but I knew right away that I liked Sutton.

Sutton at The Laurie Beechman

Another Opening, Another Show

Now I see Sutton as much as I possibly can. Sutton has weekly shows in Manhattan at The Spot and in Astoria at Albatross and I love both venues.  When Sutton graces the audience with her famous renditions of Elephant Love Medley, which includes a singalong while she stands on the bar, or with Poor Unfortunate Souls sung by a “bevy of Broadway Boozebags” in which Sutton performs in the voices of various female Broadway stars, the crowd goes wild! Sutton performs all over the world including an annual winter residency in Puerto Vallarta, on various cruise ships, and at popular cabaret spots all over the US. Sutton has diehard fans across the globe and thousands of people get to see her perform yearly! 

Performing for Musical Mondays

Why I Love Her

Sutton performs with the utmost professionalism. I have seen her handle unruly or drunk bar patrons trying to interrupt her show without being fazed in any way. She makes everyone feel welcome and is incredible at remembering names of fans she’s just met. During the warmer months of the year, Sutton can be found throughout New York City doing both bar shows and cabaret shows both on her own and with her wonderful drag family including Paige Turner, Cacophony Daniels, Chelsea Piers, Jackie Cox, and many more! If you’ve never seen her perform, I highly recommend it. You are in for a treat!

Catch Sutton Lee Seymour on Monday night for Musical Mondays at The Spot, starting May 15th.

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